Vacuum Tester

Vacuum Tester

Functional Overview

The ACME Vacuum Tester is a portable testing device to check for leaks in IP6X-rated fixtures.

This non-destructive tester is based on the principle of a fixture to maintain pressure in the fixture's chambers (the head or enclosure of the unit) that are sealed from moisture. The Vacuum Tester is a self-contained unit that injects air into the fixture's chamber and checks for any loss of pressure. Loss of pressure indicates a leak while maintaining pressure lets you know the fixture's seal in the area tested is intact.

The Vacuum Tester is easy to use and comes in its own carrying case with screw-in plugs needed to seal the various relief values on the fixture's head or enclosure. The unit's LCD display lets you know quickly if the fixture being tested passes or fails the pressure test.

Technical Specifications


  • V-BOX

Control and Program

  • 3 push-buttons and 4-buttons touch panel
  • Display: LCD display
  • Upgrade the firmware via USB

Electrical and Connectors

  • Auto-ranging power supply
  • Input voltage range: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 40W

Fixture Specification

  • Height: 355 mm (14")
  • Width: 167 mm (6.6")
  • Depth: 354 mm (13.9")
  • Weight: 7 kg (15.4 lbs.)

Work Environment

  • Tester to be used in dry environments only


  • CE Compliant

Included items

  • Digital User Manual
  • Power Cable (TRUE1 type connector)
  • Four air pressure valve plugs
  • Coiled air hose with connector




  Version Read Download Date
Vacuum Tester Specification Sheet
en updated: 2019-12-20
  re  dw  2019-12-20
User Manual
Vacuum Tester User Manual F Version
fr version F, updated: 2023-08-08
re  dw  2023-08-08
Vacuum Tester Dimensions
updated: 2019-12-19
    dw  2019-12-19
Firmware updates
version V12, updated: 2022-01-25
V12  dw  2022-01-25
Compliances & Declarations
VACUUM TESTER (V-BOX) CE Certification (EMC)
en version , updated: 2022-07-28
  re  dw  2022-07-28
VACUUM TESTER (V-BOX) CE Certification (LVD)
en version , updated: 2022-07-28
  re  dw  2022-07-28