Functional Overview

The VIRGO, like its counterpart SCORPIUS, is the next generation of ACME's lineup of all-weather, IP66-rated moving head fixtures. This fixture features the new Philips MSD Platinum 500L Flex 550-Watt discharge lamp, the VIRGO delivers a solid, uniform , and ultra-sharp images in spot mode with a zoom range from 5 o to 32 o . In beam mode the range produces collimated beams from 2 o to 7 o and in wash mode the zoom range is 8 o to 70 o . With its With high-quality optical system and 165 mm front lens, the VIRGO can fulfill a wide range of needs.


The VIRGO fixture's color system includes a CMY color mixing system, linear CTO from 3200K to 6700K, and a 14-color wheel. Whether your needs are for deep, rich saturated colors or soft pastels, the VIRGO delivers the performance in spot, beam, or wash modes.


For effects, the VIRGO has one rotating gobo wheel with seven high-definition gobos, a static gobo wheel with 16 gobos, a rotatable and replaceable animation wheel, a dual-prism system with eight-facet and six-facet prisms, and a frost filter for softening beam edges.


Whether your needs are outdoor concerts, indoor theatre, festivals, themed events, or whatever your production is, the VIRGO is one of the most versatile fixtures on the market delivering the punch and effects that you expect from this versatile fixture.


  • Diameter of lens: 165mm
  • Lamp life: 4,000 hours
  • Total lumen output up to 17,500lm
  • Color mixing: Linear CMY color mixing
  • Color Temperature Output: 6,700K
  • Variable CTO: 3,200-6,700K
  • Zoom Range:
    • Beam Mode: 2°~7°
    • Spot Mode: 5°~32°
    • Wash Mode: 8°~70°
  • Rotating gobo wheel: 1 rotating gobo wheel with 7 gobos plus open
  • Static gobo Wheel: 1 static gobo wheel with 16 gobos plus open
  • Color Wheel: 1 color wheel with 14 colors
  • Animation wheel: 1 rotatable and replaceable animation wheel with outstanding water and flame effects
  • Prism: 8-facet prism + 6-facet linear prism, rotatable in both directions and allows for overlaying
  • IP66 protection rating
  • Outstanding strobe effects
  • Flicker free operation

Technical Specifications


  • XP 550 BSW IP

Light Source

  • Light source: Philips MSD Platinum 500L Flex
  • Lamp life: 4,000 hours
  • Fixture output: 17,500lm

Optical System

  • Advanced optical system for clear and sharp images
  • High-efficiency zoom optical system, ratio 16:1
  • 165mm front lens

Control and Program

  • 4-buttons touch panel
  • Display: LCD display
  • Protocols: DMX512,RDM
  • DMX Protocol modes: 2
  • Control channels: 26/19
  • Upgrade the firmware via DMX link
  • Pan/Tilt Resolution: 16 bit
  • Linear CMY color mixing

Pan & Tilt

  • Pan movement: 540°
  • Tilt movement: 260°
  • Automatic Pan/Tilt position correction
  • Pan/Tilt locks


  • 1 rotating gobos wheel with 7 gobos plus open
    • Image diameter: 12mm
    • Outside diameter: 22.5mm
  • 1 static gobo wheel with 16 gobos plus open
  • 1 rotating animation wheel (water and flame effects) - wheel is replaceable
  • Prism: 8-facet prism + 6-facet linear prism, rotatable in both directions and allows for overlaying
  • Frost filter

Color Wheel

  • 1 color wheel with 14 colors

Electrical and Connections

  • Auto-ranging power supply
  • Input voltage range: 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 810W
  • Power In/Out: Waterproof power connectors (TRUE1 type)
  • Data in/out: 3-pin or 5-pin waterproof XLR connectors

Fixture Specification

  • Fixture Dimensions:
    • Width: 326 mm (12.1")
    • Depth: 499 mm (19.6")
    • Height: 789 mm (28.5")
    • Weight: 41.5 kg (91.5 lbs.)
  • Flight Case Dimensions:
    • Width: 715 mm (28.1")
    • Depth: 595 mm (23.4")
    • Height: 905 mm (35.6")
    • Weight: 90.5 kg (199.5 lbs.) (in single case)

Work Environment

  • Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C
  • Minimum operating temperature: -10°C
  • Maximum surface temperature: 65°C
  • Protection rating: IP66


  • CE compliant
  • cETLus compliant


  • 2 omega brackets accepts most hooks or clamps
  • Safety cable hole

Included Items

  • Digital User Manual
  • Power Cable (TRUE1 type)
  • 2 Omega Brackets

Optional Accessories (with item code)

  • Clamp: 2060001632 (C-250B)
  • Signal Line: 3-pin or 5-pin waterproof signal line
  • Safety cable: 2060001603-A (SW-05)
  • Grounding Metal Plate: 63582156





Optional Accessories


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VIRGO Specification Sheet
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VIRGO Hanging Dimension
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VIRGO Dimension
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VIRGO (XP 550 BSW IP) CE Certification (EMC)
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VIRGO (XP 550 BSW IP) CE Certification (LVD)
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VIRGO (XP 550 BSW IP) ETL Certification
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VIRGO (XP 550 BSW IP) - IP Class Test Verification
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