China Stage Performance Industry Development Forum-Changsha Station.The National Tour has Already Started

A big epidemic in the spring of 2020 caused a severe blow to the dance performance industry in China and the world. The market has basically been stagnant in the past six months. As the epidemic blockade is gradually liberalized, the industry is slowly recovering. How to seize the opportunity to break through the current situation and survive for dance performance enterprises that have experienced tribulation is a problem that everyone needs to explore.


To this end, China Stage Performance Industry Development Forum which sponsored by 5bai platform and undertaken by 200 partners across the country, opened 30 tours nationwide and brought order docking, technology docking, resource integration, product exposure, skills training and related benefits to small and medium-sized performance equipment vendors. Everyone is poised to overcome the difficulties.


China Stage Performance Industry Development Forum is aiming to lead the dance performance industry to initiate self-help, never sit back and die in an epidemic situation. It invites experts from various fields in the dance performance industry and well-known entrepreneurs to analyze the development trend of the dance performance industry the changes in market conditions, share practical experience and development opportunities.


The conference started fiercely in June. ACME joined 5bai's queue on July 6 also. We embark on a journey, break the shackles, break through the current status of traditional industries, create new opportunities for everyone in order to get win-win cooperation.

The first station of ACME came to Changsha, Hunan. Mr. Su Jian, director of product resources strategy of ACME, took the stage as an ACME representative and gave everyone a wonderful introduction of product information.

ACME Strategy Director Thomas Su

In addition to the ACME STAGE PAR 100 COLOUR IP RGBA beautiful light show, intense forum discussion, there is equipment exhibition.


ACME sent GEIST BSWF, ORION, CHIRON and NEBULA to follow 5bai to tour around the country.

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Get more product information and introduction videos.


ACME GEIST BSWF, Break Through the Limit of Led Four in one Fixture.

ACME ORION, One Long Life Moving beam, is Born for Glory.

ACME CHIRON, One Moving Beam with Light Source Life up to 6000 Hours.

This forum focuses on the impact of the epidemic on the dance performance industry in an all-round way, analyzes the difficulties and hidden development opportunities faced by the dance performance industry under the epidemic, and explores and develops the future development path of the dance performance industry practitioners. It will definitely bring a lot of different experience and thinking to the guests on site.


Under the epidemic, although the activity industry is struggling, it cannot stop us from moving forward. ACME and 5bai go hand in hand to make an unforgettable journey together and new chapter in the dance industry.

Together • Sharing the future

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