Functional Overview

If you need a versatile performance fixture, the ACME LIBRA is your ideal choice. A true three-in-one Hybrid Moving Head fixture, LIBRA combines Beam and Spot in one compact unit that also offers diffused Wash functionality, dual Prism layering and dual Gobo wheels.

Equipped with Philips MSD Platinum 18RLL (Long-Life) 370W bulb, this unique model boasts an extended operational life and reduced need for maintenance. It also has two different frosts (one specially designed for homogenizing the Spot and another for normal use), and three different zoom modes (Beam mode, 3-7˚; Spot mode, 5-32˚ and Wash mode, 18-23˚).

Other features include a color wheel with 14 colors plus white, 1 rotating gobo wheel with 12 replaceable gobos plus open, and 1 static gobo wheel with 17 gobos plus open, delivering outstanding macro effects and bi-directional rainbow effect, as well as a variety of graphic effects.

All these features are packed into acompact, 21kg body, giving punchy, sharp beams (over 848,000 lux@5m) or wide washes of color.

The LIBRA will enhance any show with its advanced optical system, ensuring clear and sharp image quality. Whether you need just a handful of fixtures or many more for a large event, the LIBRA offers an ideal, scalable solution with its dynamic multi-functional performance.


  • Diameter of lens: 120mm
  • Integrated features: Beam, Spot, and Wash
  • Color temperature: 8000K
  • Lamp life: 6000 hours
  • Outstanding color macro effects
  • Rainbow effect in both directions
  • Motorized focus
  • Linear motorized zoom: 3-32°
  • Zoom range:
    • Beam Mode:3-7°
    • Spot Mode: 5-32°
    • Wash Mode: 18-23°
  • 1x rotating gobo wheelwith 12 gobos plus open:convenient replacement
  • 1x static gobo wheelwith 17 gobos plus open
  • 1x color wheel with14 colors plus open
  • 2x prisms: 8-facet prism + 6-facet linear prism, rotatable in both directions and overlayable
  • Smooth dimming from 0-100%
  • Independent frost effect
  • Outstanding strobe effect with variable speed
  • Dust-proof and oil-proof design

Technical Specifications


  • XP-380 BSW

Light source

  • Light Source: Philips MSD Platinum 18R LL (Long-Life)
  • Life expectancy: 6,000 hours

Optical System

  • Advanced optical system ensures clear, sharp image quality
  • High-efficiency optical system,ratio 1:6.4

Control & Program

  • 4-touch buttons
  • Display: Color display
  • Protocols: DMX512,RDM
  • DMX modes: 2
  • Control channels: 19,21
  • Pan/Tilt resolution: 16-bit
  • Electronic ballast
  • Firmware upgrade via DMX link & USB


  • Pan movement: 540°
  • Tilt movement: 270°
  • Automatic Pan/Tilt position correction

Rotating Gobos

  • 1 x rotating gobo wheel with 12 gobos plus open, convenient replacement
  • Image diameter: 7mm
  • Outside diameter: 12mm
  • Thickness: 1.1mm
  • Borofloat (or better) glass materials
  • Slot & Locksystem for gobo replacement

Static Gobos

  • 1x static gobo wheelwith 17 gobos plus open

Color Wheel

  • 1x color wheel with 14 colors plus open

Electrical & Connectors

  • Power supply with electronic auto-ranging
  • Input voltage range: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 580W
  • Power In/Out: Power Connector in/out
  • Data in/out: 3-pin and 5-pin XLR

Fixture Specification

  • Height: 607 mm (23.9")
  • Width: 435 mm (17.1")
  • Depth: 344 mm (13.5")
  • Weight: 21.2 kg (46.7 lb)

Flight Case Specification

  • Height: 830 mm (32.7")
  • Width: 910 mm (35.8")
  • Depth: 540 mm (21.3")
  • Weight: 86 kg (189.6lbs)(Dual loader case)

Work environment

  • Maximum ambient temperature: 45°C
  • Minimum operating temperature: -5°C
  • Maximum surface temperature: 65°C


  • CE Compliant


  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Operating position is universal
  • 2 x Fixed foldable clamps for 50mm truss
  • Safety Rope Hole

Included items

  • Digital User Manual
  • Power Cable
  • 2 x Fixed foldable clamps for 50mm truss

Optional Accessories (with item code)

  • Raincover:3033001749
  • Flight Case:3205001255 (2 in 1)
  • Safety cable : 2060001603-A (SW-05)
  • Signal Line:3-pin & 5-pin signal line





Optional Accessories


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LIBRA Specification Sheet
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User Manual
LIBRA User Manual F Version
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LIBRA Hanging Dimension
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Firmware updates
LIBRA (XP-380 BSW)-V32-60514
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Compliances & Declarations
LIBRA (XP-380 BSW) CE Certification (EMC)
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LIBRA (XP-380 BSW) CE Certification (LVD)
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