REYN AUDIO and Taiwan's Largest Production Company B’IN LIVE Jointly Held In-depth Technical Exchange Meeting

Introduction of B'IN LIVE


The new B'IN LIVE team integrates and accumulates experience value of the past ten years, and undertakes more than 1,000 performances. Taking the past two years as an example, it participates in more than 200 concerts or awards ceremony every year, on average, every 2 days. There is a concert in the world in which members of Bing Creation participate, which is not only appreciated by various record companies and manufacturers, but also received the trust and praise of the performing artists. It also created many classic touring concerts in the Chinese music scene and set a record of pushing Taiwan's original production concerts to Beijing Bird's Nest, creating a glorious record of 100,000 venue performances.


Served projects include Mayday, Chen Qizhen, Lin Youjia, Lu Guangzhong, Xiao Jingteng and other concerts, as well as some large-scale music festivals such as the Ocean Music Festival, Golden Melody Award, Golden Horse Award and Golden Bell Award.

As an experienced production company in the Taiwan performing arts industry, Taiwan B'IN LIVE mentioned:

Sound is the most direct medium of voice, which directly affects the effect of the whole performance.
After clearly understanding the sound effects that the directors and performers want, the performance requirements, and the venue facilities and sound field characteristics, plan a suitable and perfect sound system.
In addition to the sound effects for outside audiences, it is also necessary to design and provide a balanced and complete monitoring system for artists and performers on the stage, so that the performers can feel at ease during the performance in order to achieve the best live effects.
So, how to properly design, match and integrate a perfect solution for the above requirements?

To this end, from April 27 to 29, 2020, for three consecutive days, REYN AUDIO and B'IN LIVE joined forces to hold the REYN AUDIO audio training course at the headquarters of B'IN LIVE in Taiwan.

For many years, REYNAUDIO and B'IN LIVE have maintained a friendly cooperative relationship.

This training is invited to the official consultant and senior designer of REYN AUDIO Su Xinping to introduce the concept of REYN AUDIO audio design and the principle and operation explanation of ARMONIA PLUS.

We also invited professional audio engineers Wang Ziqiao and Gong Baiyu from Guangzhou Leli Deere Cultural Development Co., Ltd. to bring us EASE FOCUS operation commentary, ARMONIA PLUS performance architecture practical operation, DANTE and power amplifier suspension operation commentary etc.

Overview of training program

DAY 1:

(1) REYN AUDIO speaker introduction

(2) ARMONIA PLUS introduction

DAY 2:

(1) ARMONIA PLUS Operation explanation

(2) DANTE Operation explanation

(3) Wire Introduction

DAY 3:

(1) EASE FOCUS Operation explanation

(2) Lifting instructions and operation


The three teachers worked together, from how to perform a performance from scratch, from the venue sound field simulation to the establishment of a complete system of usable power amplifier speakers….. Give B'IN LIVE students the most practical and urgent knowledge points and practical skills in all aspects

All parties carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions, and in this precious three days, they did their best to absorb all kinds of knowledge. I believe that after this training, everyone's professional knowledge and practical skills will be further optimized and improved.

Thanks to the three teachers for sharing their years of experience, REYN AUDIO looks forward to the next cooperation with B'IN LIVE!

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