ACME Adds Magic To TV Show Flash Band

After three months, on March 12, Zhejiang Satellite TV Show "Flash Band" ushered in the last "Flash Music Festival".

Since the launch of "Flash Band", every musician has shown the charm and power of music through the collision of different combinations and the attempts of different styles. In the last show, the reunion of "new and old bands" brought a brand new cooperation, bringing wonderful performances, and the super-burning stage directly turned the audience!

A variety of ACME fixtures create a variety of stages. PIXEL LINE IP has excellent, powerful and high-output strobe function, which can create colorful and gorgeous rendering effects, provide strong linear light effects for the stage to form a matrix light and shadow stage.

The 3-In-1 BSW Hybrid Moving Light LEO release psychedelic and changeable light effects, and the STAGE PAR 100 IP WW uses light colors to pave the stage, and their mixed light, shadow and color changes outline the stage atmosphere.


Looking back at the previous programs, the musicians used 8 theme music festivals and 72 performance stages to create a sincere music party. The flash points are everywhere, the collision of different combinations and the attempts of different styles show the charm and power of music for everyone, making the audience enjoy listening and watching.

The flashy journey of the musicians has reached the final stop. ACME’s fixtures dazzled the stage, accompanying the flashing musicians all the way, bringing you wonderful audio-visual enjoyment. What kind of stage collisions will there be in the future? Please look forward to it.

---------------- THE END --------------