ACME Made A Killer Light Show For Keith Urban’s Las Vegas Residency

It was months ago when ACME collaborated with Keith Urban for his The Speed of Now Tour. And we are more than honored to meet New Zealand-born country music megastar again to join his new headlining residency at Zappos Theater.

Photo by Keith Urban

The night featured a host of his #1s, including "Somewhere In My Car," "Somebody Like You," "Blue Ain't Your Color" and "Wasted Time," as well as songs never played before. “I was pleasantly surprised how every night in Vegas is unique and how much I can take advantage of the epic nature of what you can do in those rooms, as well as the intimate nature of what those rooms can be,” said Urban.

Photo by Keith Urban

Photo by Keith Urban

Speaking of intimacy, there’s nothing more convenient and powerful than lighting fixtures to attract the audience closely to the performance and keep them excited. Powered by 12x30W RGBW LEDs, DOTLINE360 is a LED strip fixture applicable to concerts, TV variety shows, etc. Individual control of zoom angles of left and right modules from 3.5°to 38° ranges from a very narrow-angle light curtain effect to a wide-angle wash bar. The unique fast-lock system, turnable clamp and the fact that it weighs only 17kgs enable rapid setup in any trussing, saving production time.

Photo by Keith Urban

SOLAR IMPULSE, ACME's milestone product, masterfully combines Beam, Spot and Wash capability with a 4-blade framing shutter. Because of its precise and natural color, uniform light spot, high output, strong penetration and a high CRI mode, SOLAR IMPULSE can simultaneously meet the performance needs of TV programs, concerts, opening and closing ceremonies of large-scale sports games and other performances.

Photo by Keith Urban

GEIST BEAM is an LED moving head fixture that creates a bright, super-concentrated solid projection with a minimum beam angle as small as 3° with 360,000lux performance at 5 meters. Full CMY & CTO quality, 1x 10-gobo static wheel, 1x 7-gobo rotating wheel add dynamics to your show.


Last but not least, the arena was crammed with GEMINI. Beam mode provides 5 pcs LED pixel control. Strobe mode enables 18 zones to be controlled separately. Infinite pan & tilt movement enable limitless projection. Astoundingly high output reaches up to 41,000lumens, greatly enhancing the stage.

Photo by Keith Urban

Photo by Keith Urban

Urban’s talent, drive and this incredible stage lighting design and visual impressions, as unpredictable as they are explosive, are why he is one of the most successful and well-respected artists in the world.

Special Thanks to:

Lighting Vendor: Upstaging

Lighting Designer: Leroy Bennett

ACME Gear:

DOTLINE360 56pcs



GEMINI 178 pcs

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