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FISU World University Game

The 31st Summer World University Games (the FISU World University Games) kicked off last Friday in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, an iconic western city known for its vigor and diversity, was in full swing to welcome guests from all over the world. Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony in Chengdu on Friday and declared the Games open.

Opening Ceremony Highlights

The opening ceremony featured a spectacular fireworks display, with golden fireworks forming the words "欢迎" (Welcome) extending a warm welcome to guests from around the world.





FISU World University Game

Chengdu is an iconic inland Chinese city with rich cultural relics and a vibrant lifestyle. Thus, by combining local cultural elements, such as Sanxingdui, Sichuan Opera Bian lian (face-changing), and Rongbao, the mascot of the Games, this event became a new window to show the world the attractiveness of Chinese culture and Chinese people's love for a peaceful and colorful life. Over 1850 sets of ACME including AECO 20 surface light, XA 1000 BSWF four-in-one fixture, XP 550 BSW three-in-one fixture, XA 1000 BW beam and color fixture, STROBE 3 IP strobe bar, CM 800Z IP waterproof color moving head, and LED-ST5000 strobe light, put together a stellar performance to light up this great event.

The night was aglow with brilliant color phenomenon from the ceremony.

Exciting Moments

Representatives from 113 countries marched into the sold-out venue. 411 student athletes from over 100 universities in 25 provincial regions will participate in the games.

The stage is all set for athletes to shine. ACME sincerely wishes best performances for all athletes.

Special Thanks to:

Lighting Designer: Yu Zhuo

Lighting Engineer: Nanjing Vision Engineering

ACME Gear List:



SUNRISE 154pcs

AECO 20 251pcs

MEGA STROBE 5000 100pcs

OXOZONE 200pcs

LEO 500pcs

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