2021 Prolight + Sound is Officially Opened, ACME will Take You to the Grand Occasion The First Day of the Exhibition is Hot!

On May 16, 2021 Guangzhou International Professional Light and Sound Exhibition was solemnly opened in China Import and Export Commodity Trade Exhibition hall!


On the first day of the exhibition, the scene was hot and full of people. ACME and REYN AUDIO co-create this exhibition, which was with a lot of wonderful and attracted a lot of fans. Then follow my way to find out more!

Today, Turandot's acoustic simulation technology also made its debut! Mr. Su Xinping, the official consultant and senior designer of REYN AUDIO, was invited to the exhibition site to introduce and explain Turandot acoustic simulation technology to the guests.


Turandot acoustic simulation technology is a powerful integration of sound field simulation and system control software, which is designed by China and developed by Italian and Canadian engineers, and is the only independently developed and designed software in China at present.


For example, it supports the third-party relay software format (. DAE), the operation is not complex, and it is very easy to build the venue model. Support flat background image import (multiple formats can be used: *. PNG, *. JPG, * BMP,... IMAGE FILE), small project installation system is more convenient to run!


Wait for you to know more advantages!


In addition, we have also launched an immersive audition - the combination of sound and optoelectronics to create an immersive audio-visual feast!

Immersive system


Immersive system joint control lighting + video + audio, plus multi angle & instantaneity & flexibility of creativity, a variety of ways of expression, all-round coverage, truly realize the advantages of all areas are the best, to provide the ultimate enjoyment!


Another hot spot - linear array audio, it is module design which is with high-frequency long-distance projection ability, wide and uniform coverage, and the excellent long-distance projection strength and fax degree, it makes sound penetration fully displayed!

At that time, more than 100 kinds of ACME lightings will appear on the same stage, such as BAR 560, BEAN 200 and FLASHDOT etc. lightings, presenting an excellent acousto-optic journey!

We will be at Hall 4.2 C08+D08 and wait for you in the coming 3 days!

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